‘The Red Queen has been the lynchpin of Magician Impossible… an unstoppable force in our production team and arguably the second most stylish person on our team’ – Dynamo

‘Debbie is such a rare treat in TV as in life: a source of intensely infectious radiance that brings out the best in anyone she meets. Anyone that has worked with her, or even met her for five minutes, will tell you the same.’ – Derren Brown

‘Me goes Ape & Shark Attack on Channel 5 tv UK. Both of these shows were excellent from start to finish and all because of Debbie Young. Her personality and producing skills were a tour ‘de’ force in style. A friendly workplace makes for a great work rate with proper results done good & proper. A proper job!! Everyone on and in these two shows, including the Sharks & Gorillas was consistently content’ –  John Lydon

‘Always ready in red, daringly creative and doesn’t take NO for an answer. Red Queen Television is easily the most exciting company I’ve worked with’ – David Gersch

‘Yes dear, yes dear and yes dear…’ – Long-suffering husband